Everyone attending a destination wedding is invested in the big day. This sounds obvious, but choosing to get married abroad weeds out the ‘maybe people’. We all have those friends or relatives who can never seem to commit to anything or flake out at the last minute. If someone has told you they are attending your destination wedding they will have booked time off work, bought flights, looked at where to stay etc. This takes so much more commitment and therefore only the ‘yes’ people will do it. For those amazing people who want to spend time and money to celebrate with you they should have an amazing time. This is where a wedding holiday comes in!

Often guests will take a few extra days off to create a holiday around your wedding. Which is great as everyone is in the holiday spirit and you get extra time with the people you love. We have compiled some great advice and tips for making your wedding holiday the best!

Welcome Packs

Your loved ones have made a commitment to you and your special day, you should thank them for this effort. Find out where everyone is staying and ensure they get a welcome pack. Not only is this a fun way to get creative and showcase your wedding style it’s also very thoughtful. Include items like suncream, drinks, snacks, toiletries – anything that will make them feel welcome.

Host an activity

Ibiza is a gorgeous island with so many things to see and do. Why not ask all your guests to meet at a designated point before or after the wedding for an excursion. Organise a bus or minivan to collect everyone and visit Ibiza town. Another great idea for your wedding holiday activity is to separate the men and women for some pre wedding bonding. Ladies could enjoy some beach yoga while the guys head to go karting. Getting everyone together and mingling before the wedding will ensure people feel relaxed around one another.

Wine And Dine

A dinner all together is great for bonding. Some tapas and wine will get all your guests in the holiday spirit. Whether you opt for a casual meal or a full blown formal rehearsal dinner you and your guests will relish the opportunity to spend some time relaxing. Plus the food in Ibiza is to die for!

Get A Villa

You only get married once – do it in style! There are some amazing villas on the island perfect for a wedding holiday. More and more couples will get his and hers villas a few days before the wedding. A mini holiday prior to the wedding day with the girls or lads will surely take the edge off any pre wedding nerves.

If you are inspired to have your own wedding holiday have a look at Ibiza Spotlight for loads of information on what do to in Ibiza. Keep up to date with our blog for more destination wedding planning tips and advice.

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