There are many brides who don’t relish the idea that a dream wedding must be a lavish affair in a stately home. Whilst this is what some women have been picturing for themselves since childhood others shy away from the formality. It can be a big decision choosing to be a destination bride. One that can often be met with a load of opinions from friends and families. There are lots of reasons why a destination wedding would suit a bride and her vision of the day.  If you aren’t sure what to do about your big day read our reasons a destination wedding may be for you.

You Don’t Want A Huge Wedding

A destination wedding is the perfect way to weed out anyone you don’t really want to go. Once guests have factored in the flights, accommodation, having to book time off work etc. they may not have the inclination to come. Only the people who really want to be there will make the extra effort. This is great news for brides to don’t want their day to be a big event.

A Certain Location Is Special

Whether you met your partner abroad or you had a magical holiday that resonates with you. A lot of couples have places that are really special to them, this isn’t confined to the UK. If Ibiza is your special place then there is nowhere better to marry your partner.

One Day Isn’t Enough!

When choosing a destination wedding couples usually make the wedding last longer. Everyone flies in the day before and spends some time together. Organising an activity the day before is a great way for friends and family to get to know each other. Often couples will hire a villa for a few days and invite their bridesmaids and groomsmen to join them. Dynamic Lives have some amazing options for this.

You Want Stunning Portraits

Most people leave the wet and gloomy UK weather to sunnier climbs when having a destination wedding. These fabulous locations really make wedding photos. Sea, sand and sunshine are the perfect recipe for stunning portraits.

Too Many Decisions Stress You Out

Couples will hire a planner to take away the stress of making all their ideas come to life. However a wedding at home will always be more complicated. All of the decisions will need to be approved even if you aren’t doing the hard work. With a destination wedding there are far less decisions to stress you out.

Choosing to be a destination bride is a very personal decision. Our advice is always to do what’s best for you and don’t feel pressured by anyone else. You are only going to do this once – do it your way!

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