One of the main reasons couples choose the Balearics as their wedding destination is to have an Ibiza beach wedding. Sun, sand and sea are a stunning combination for wedding photos, it’s no surprise beach weddings in Ibiza are so popular. But planning a wedding abroad can be overwhelming. We have some tips to get your started planning your beach wedding.

Learn The Law

You won’t be able to get legally married on the beach. If you aren’t a resident to Ibiza and you aren’t Catholic then the only option is a blessing. There is a lot of paperwork to organise and the process is difficult unless you speak the language. To avoid all this stress we advise getting legally married in the UK and then taking to Ibiza for the blessing. There are some wonderful celebrants on the island who will make any blessing incredibly special. Plus this way you get to have two amazing days!

Hire A Planner

Don’t try and plan a beach wedding in Ibiza all on your own. Hire an experienced wedding planner to take the stress off. They help you organise all the finer details using their wealth of industry contacts and ensure you stick to budget. Plus they have years of experience and fully understand that it takes to plan a beach wedding.

Seasonal Considerations

Consider carefully when you want to get married. Ibiza is hot, especially on the beach! Weddings in the height of summer will be really warm despite starting later than British weddings. If you have elderly relatives or small children in attendance consider a cooler month. The weather starts to get nice in May and cools off in September. Be aware that the weather usually breaks in September and has increased rainfall as a result.

Have A Plan B

It does rain in Ibiza. Not as often as in our drizzle prone climbs – but it does rain a bit. Most venues will have an awning or some kind of cover to resort to as a plan B. This will come at an extra cost. It’s 100% worth the money.

We hope this has given some insight into planing your Ibiza beach wedding. For venue inspiration take a look at our blog.

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